EVENT: JDM Allstars RD2 – Donnington Park – Alpine Drift

Posted: June 28, 2010 in Drifting
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Saturday afternoon saw one of the only pieces of motorsport to happen at the slightly sad and abandoned looking Donnington Park!

The guys at JDM Allstars did a fantastic job in creating an Alpine circuit at the bottom end of the track

A long Day ensued as the demanding course caught out even the best and most skillful drivers with Rob Neeson, Matt Steele and Anthony Scott all tagging the large concrete wall at the final apex in front of the large and warm crowd!

However some superb drifting happened throughout the day, Driftworks Head Honcho Phil Morrison looked on Great form, 14-year-old irish lad Dwaine Mckeever had some amazing runs and had the crowd in amazement at his skill and finally a mention to John Calvert, whose fresh S13 was binned into the wall damaging it so badly it will need a complete re-shell, fortunately John walked away with only minor whiplash and will be back out at the next round.

Dan Chapman Wins JDM Allstars Donnington

The overall winner in a long and very hot day of drifting went down to the wire with the 2 Driftworks Drivers Phil Morrison and Dan Chapman battling it out in the final, Eventually Dan took the honours in his Silvia (Above) from Phil and Maciej Bochenek lost out to Aussie Luke Fink who claimed the final podium spot.

Roll On Round 3, which takes place at the Nissan factory this weekend

For more info see www.jdmallstars.com

Picture Credits – Rich Cooper

  1. Pyro says:

    Fantastic day, excellent pics Coop.

  2. Robbie says:

    Fantastic photos, looked a great day out, it was a complete fail that i could not attend.

    Nice work guys.

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