FEATURE CAR: Karl & Jay’s Volvo 340 DL

Posted: July 20, 2010 in Featured UK Cars
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If you were planning a trip round europe what on earth vehicle would you take? A Nice, luxurious Motorhome maybe? Or possibly a bit more cultured and go for it in a 60’s Split Screen Bus? or Maybe you want to blast round in something more powerful, BMW M5, Porsche Carrera or even a Bentley? i wonder how far your list a 1986 Volvo 340 would be – Well, quite high if your Karl Angell and Jay Langton!

Now, i know what your thinking, You weren’t expecting Garage Awesome to be into an old Volvo, and normally, you would be right except the story behind this one interested us so much we thought what a great way to start our Feature car files than Karl and Jay’s Volvo?

Karls Volvo 340

Ive known Karl and Jay since school; they were a couple of years below me but as most of all 3 of our childhoods were spent at a local BMX track, i suppose the natural progression was to get into cars, and as most strive for a trip round europe and a Trip to the Nurburgring, These 2 have made it happen!

‘Why a 25-year-old Volvo’ I hear you ask, well why not?! Karl tells me they wanted to get a group together to do a scumball/gumball style run to the Nurburgring and some other interesting venues around europe, so began planning. Firstly was to find a car for under £500 and when the Volvo popped up at only £300 they bit the 1 previous owner’s hand clean off!
With the car now standing them at only £390 it really does go to show that anything is possible, especially when a few mates can chip in together to make an idea become reality

Karl Angell

The car itself is a 1986 Volvo 340 DL, 1 previous owner from new; who I doubt would be expecting it to be heading for europe at this very moment. with only 60k on the clock the Volvo is ideal but Karl and Jay had a few plans to make it that little bit more special.

A bit of masking and a few cans of paint and lacquer saw the boys add some chequered detailing to the roof and bonnet, a donation of some VW Scirocco Alloys got them off the standard Volvo Steelies and after a coat of white paint make the car look fresh.
The boys have gone to town on the amusing sticker front, covering the windows and parts of the body in random yet funny stickers, and an adjustment to the bonnet fitment and suspension finished the job. Bolt on a random Scirocco Exhaust and the Project was ready to leave England.

The inside was sorted by Jay who has added a quick boot build including an Alpine Sub & Amp and some 6x9s so they can blast out some tunes whilst cruising down the Autobahns and Dutch b roads, as well as being stripped of carpets, sound deadening and interior trim which helps to get the weight down to a weighbridge verified 795KG!

Jays Volvo 340DL

The trip itself sees the boys Along with 4 other vehicles including another Volvo this time a 480, a mk2 Golf, an original Scirocco and a E46 BMW M3 head to Dover before catching the ferry and heading for The Nurburgring. On top of their trip to the worlds biggest mecca for petrolheads the guys will be visiting Brussels, Hannover, Zandvoort, Amsterdam and Lille…All in a £300 Volvo

Im not sure about you but just writing this makes me incredibly jealous and wish i could sack off work for 2 weeks and go with them. No it’s not Fast, No it’s not got Stance, No it has no mod cons but is it cool?… Hell Yes, do you wish it was you going?….Hell Yes!

Best of luck Boys and Garage Awesome will bring you more updates as we get them and when they return home, and when they do return home, Karl assures me The diff will be Welded up and you will be seeing it sideways at the next DWYB day.

Pic Credits – Rich Cooper


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