CRUISE: Streetrace After USC Cruise – Derby Meteor Retail Park

Posted: August 16, 2010 in Cruising
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It’s quite a while since I last went to an organised cruise, and with Garage Awesome yet to cover a one, I was delighted to hear about one being organised in Derby, only 25 minutes away from Garage Awesome HQ and organised by the guys from!

We started out by meeting up with a few mates, which quickly turned into about a 15 car convoy as texts and phone calls were made, and after waiting for a few latecomers, we headed off to the location. If you’ve not been to a cruise before, firstly, where have you been? And secondly, it really is a great introduction to the scene in its purist form, with a wide variety of cars and tastes all catered for at each event.

Mk2 Escort

A convoy is the best way to head to a cruise, for a couple of reasons; firstly, most cruises are kept fairly quiet in regards to its location, obviously with the introduction of Section 59, and anti-social orders now in place, any sniff that these events will happen and you will find a large Police presence, often resulting in fines being dished out very easily or even the location getting closed off. If you’re unsure about getting into cruising or going with a convoy then your local forums are the best place to find out about, and get involved in a cruise. Secondly, you can’t beat a good road trip with your mates, as the sight and sound of 10-20 modified cars going down the motorways and dual carriageways, and through local towns and the looks and comments from normal motorists and by-standers really is a great experience, plus you have a large group in assistance should you get lost, or a car develops a problem!
We arrived at the location, this time the Meteor Centre retail park, just on the outskirts of the city, fairly early… in fact, we were one of the first groups of cars to arrive, which is nice as you get to park up easily and in a good formation, give the car a quick spruce up and watch the others roll in.

Line Up At Derby Cruise

Unfortunately the location chosen wasn’t particularly ‘modified car friendly’, with large brick speed humps blocking the way, a few of the really low cars had to creep over, often with the owners wincing as the sound of scraping metal or fibreglass echoed round the car park, often accompanied by a chorus of “ooooooooooh” from the on-looking crowd!

As time drew on the cruisers started to arrive, and by 9 o’clock most that were going to attend, were in place. I have to say the turnout in regards to numbers was lower than we expected, this could be down to a number of things, such as other events and shows happening this weekend, other cruises, poor advertising or even the start of the football season all possible reasons for the low attendance. That said, the quality of some of the cars on display was pretty high, with new magazine ‘Totally Modified’ bringing some of the more lairy cars along.

Honda Civic Coupe

Away from that, some other stunning vehicles were on display, Matt’s feature car Fiesta was there, along with show regulars Clare’s Escort Cabby and Dale with his Saxo, who kept the crowds entertained with his hydraulic suspension show! An array of white Hondas, including a caged up EK9, a Sweet DC5 and an lightweight, old-school CRX all parked together, whilst a big-power Skyline threw out some flames, following a lairy entrance by the Cosworth powered Mk2 Escort!

One car in particular that caught our eye was the very sweet, silver Civic coupe, it looked stunning, and if you are, or know the owner please contact us as we would like to know more! Further round we found some nice Clios and a blue Vauxhall Nova running a 2.0ltr lump on throttle bodies that owner Craig has just had down the Pod strip managing a mid 13 second pass. A Toyota Hi-Lux amused us by driving over things, and if you look in our gallery, we found a not-so-legal comedy error numberplate on a VW Polo.

All in all a good night, nice change of scenery and not a police car in sight, all made the cruise worthwhile, despite being a little disappointed by the numbers though; roll on the next one, hopefully bigger and better! If you have a cruise planned and would like Garage Awesome to attend, then please leave a comment on here or contact us through our Facebook group at and we will do our best to confirm our attendance!

Pic Credits – Ollie Novell/Rich Cooper


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