EVENT: Trax Pt1 – Silverstone

Posted: September 7, 2010 in Modified car Events
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Trax has earnt itself a reputation as the largest one day modified car show in the calendar, with clubs and show cars filling the legendary Silverstone circuit and a full day’s action round the newly designed Silverstone circuit, including public track time, a round of the JDM Allstars and demo runs from some of the top motorsport teams in the UK!

Arriving early is key when it comes to Trax, nothing can prepare you for the amount of people who flock to the Northamptonshire circuit each year, both with a car on display and those just visiting for a family day out, and Garage Awesome did exactly that; arriving bright and early, 6.45am!

Stance Scooby

It’s such a big show for one day, it really is difficult and takes some planning to actually manage to see everything whilst you’re there.
The car club stands stretch as far as the eye can see; covering almost every inch of the 3.6 mile circuit’s infield. Lots of owners clubs use it as a place to hold their annual meeting with huge turnouts from Clio Sport, MGZR owners, 106Owners and various Vauxhall based clubs

The individual car clubs were also out in force, with impressive displays catching our eye from Midz Modified, CMMOC and Extreme BHP, showing that, despite the show season drawing to the close for 2010, the clubs still are putting effort into their layouts and attracting the best cars to be put on display.

There really were too many fantastic cars to pick out, every single one that caught our eye made us stop and have a proper look at it, it’s difficult enough selecting the few pics we have room for on the blog out of the hundreds we took, that difficult in fact that a consensus in the office made this report part 1 of a 2 part series!

V10 Splitty

However, there are a few cars that need to be mentioned; some we can put names to, others we can’t, so if you know whose it is… get in touch so we can give them a name check!
Ben’s Bugeye Subaru Impreza had one of the best stances on the whole site, hopefully we will bring you more on it soon, the Fast Car stand had also had a couple of stunners; Dale’s Saxo, a regular on Garage Awesome, was rocking a new set of wheels, Glenda – Fast car Staff member’s stunning EG Civic was also showing off some new wheels and they had my particular car of the show, that wasn’t quite a car; a VW Split Screen pickup, painted matt black, oh and did I mention it runs an 8.0ltr, mid-mounted, V10 Dodge Viper engine?

Some sweet Mk1 and Mk2 Golfs also made an appearance, a rare occurrence at Trax due to clashing with Edition 38, Fast Ford Magazine brought some real track weapons; ranging from Mk1 Fiestas to the mighty Escort Cosworths, all in various stages of mental tuning!

Honda NSX

With BDC cars scattered around the field, areas full of Wankel powered RX7s, smart Corsas from CorsaSport and plenty of the ever popular Civic and Integra type R models, plus a bonus NSX we found in amongst Hondalife.co.uk’s stand.

So, you can see how packed it was and we’re only halfway through! Within the next couple of days Garage Awesome will bring you more show cars, more club action plus drifting from Chris Forsberg and the JDM Allstars, Show and Shine and an insight into public track time and how YOU can take your car round the legandary Grand Prix circuit at Silverstone!

Pic Credits – Ollie Novell



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