CRUISE: Kroozin North West Christmas Special Cruise #3 – Salford

Posted: December 19, 2010 in Cruising
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Winter is most definitely cruising season and with the shows done it keeps the scene ticking over and people in touch; swapping ideas, thoughts and plans ready for next year and aside from that it gives a chance to find some hidden gems whilst the usual show cars are tucked away in garages and bodyshops!

Christmas cruises are pretty common in the UK scene, with 3 or 4 being drawn to our attention over the last few weeks, but the inclement weather had put pay to us visiting some in Kent and Wales, however when we learned that Nicola and her team over at KNW were planning one, we drew up plans to battle the weather come rain or shine (or even snow!) to bring you coverage from their event!

KNW Cruise

It seems we were far from alone, with convoys running from all over as far away as Milton Keynes, Stoke on Trent, Birmingham and our friends over at Fast ‘N’ Modded running one from the east coast, Hull! The 75 mile journey we made wasn’t quite as simple, as our route took in some of the highest roads in the Peak District, some that in weather that this country is currently seeing remain closed for large periods of time.

It was worth the trip though as the Kroozin North West team had been busy promoting on the forums and that was represented in the turnout. The location, just a stones throw away from Manchester’s Trafford Centre, was ideal with plenty of space and lighting and with the cruiser’s favourite; a McDonald’s on site.

Convoys steadily arrived from about 8pm and filled up 2 of the main car parks pretty quickly but a third car park was left, and we’re not sure if this was planned, but it didn’t take long for people to realise this, and along with the few inches of snow and ice and the -7*C temperature in Salford, meant that an improvised snow drift arena was formed.


A variety of BMWs, Evos, Subarus and 200SXs, an MX5, an Audi S3 and an S4 Avant all came out to play and put on a display that BBC’s Dancing on Ice would be proud of, and as usual the few close calls that did happen were met with cheers and “ooooohs” from the on-looking cruisers, definitely a great way of making use of this weather to keep people entertained!

Kroozin North West have been organising cruises for a good few years, and the experience Nicola and her team shone through, with an organised, trouble free location, a mass of convoys from all over the UK and their forum full of information, it certainly has the Garage Awesome seal of approval when it comes to putting on a top class event.


Aside from the “snow drifting”, lots of cars caught our eye on some of our various walks round, although unfortunately the trip in the salty, slushy roads had put pay to the cleanliness of some cars, the quality shone through. The black and cream themed Bora was tidy, the blue S14 proved it can look good and is used hard and the Morris Minor looked and sounded like something Mad Max would own!

Elsewhere we found a couple of tidy Mk2 Golfs, a spotless Astra VXR, a Honda Integra and some Renault Clios, a drift-ready purple S13 and a neatly airbrushed Vauxhall Corsa.

As the night drew to a close, the -7*C temperatures meant an early night for some, but it just goes to show that no matter what the weather, an event in the UK can work and run and still make for an enjoyable evening. Big thanks again to Nicola and the team at Kroozin North West and we suggest that you log on to their forums to keep abreast of the next event these guys plan, and with any luck, Garage Awesome will be there to cover it!

Pic Credits – Ollie Novell


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