EVENT: Drift What Ya Brung – Santa Pod – 8/1/11

Posted: January 10, 2011 in Drifting
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It seems apt that our first event of the new year involves drifting, after all, the first 2 blog posts ever to appear on Garage Awesome back in the middle of last year, were both drift related, and has always been a firm favourite with the Team.

The venue and event we decided to head to was Santa Pod and the first “Drift What Ya Brung” day of the year. Santa Pod and the DWYB team have been a major player in the grass-roots level of UK drifting, providing both weekday and weekend sessions throughout the year for all drifters from the first time novice right through to the stars of the British Drift Championship and JDM Allstars events.

Santa Pod

The format is so simple; it’s easy to see why it’s so popular, with this weekend alone attracting 50+ vehicles. Santa Pod and the DWYB team turn the hard Tarmac-ed area usually full of show cars, trade stands and pit crews from the Pro drag racing circuit into a maze of cones, fences and barriers to create a drifting paradise for all skill levels.

The whole site is divided into various “pens” starting with your first step into the drifting world, a cone in the middle of a square for you to get in some donut practice! Moving on from that there is a figure-of-eight, then a double figure-of-eight and at the top end of the area there is a small “Kidney” track of a similar size and layout to the Drift Taxi’s you see gracing the big shows such as The Fast Show and Ultimate Street Car.


Finally, and definitely the most impressive, is the “Big Track” a huge layout towards the top end of the site, taken from the EDC layout in 08, allowing not just the usual one at a time drifting, but for 4 or 5 cars to head out together, with some amazing speed and some brilliant skill on display, with drivers linking together sequences of corners, often in a train and always giving the onlookers the feeling of “if someone cocks up…”

The cost of the day is £60, which is nothing to be given pretty much a free reign to skid about from 9.30 right through until 5.30, killing as many tyres as you want to, and Santa Pod even accommodate for that, with Mint Tyres on hand to buy part worn tyres, a full changing facility and for a small fee, will professionally remove the tyres you have well and truly killed!

Never before has such a wide range of cars been seen in one place all doing the same thing, from rattle canned E30 BMWs, BWM compacts, Escort Cosworths to MX-5s, the legendary Corolla AE86, a mental left hand drive Honda S2000 Turbo, Nissan Cefiros and Skylines and more 200SX/Silvias than you can count, and as an owner of such a car, that defiantly ticks the right boxes for me!

200SX Drift

The cars are certainly driven hard; a prime example would be that of the owner of the silver Silvia you see in the pictures. He spoke to us saying “I think I’ve cracked the head… we had only been there 10 mins”, that said, we left around 4, and the car was still charging round, just occasionally coming back to the pit area to refill his radiator with water!

It has to be said that drifting appears to be one of the friendliest forms of motorsport around, there’s a great community spirit, we felt like we could ask anyone anything, they all like having their photo taken and when the inevitable happens and a car breaks or you have an off, the community will help you get going again!

Dead tyres

Just as we were about to leave for the trip home, what should turn up? only a Race Shuttle containing Sumo Power’s Re-Worked and Re liveried S15! So we bailed back out of the car, grabbed the camera and managed to get a few snaps of the car before leaving, and what a stunning machine they have made look forward to seeing it in action at some point this year!

All in all an Awesome start to 2011, something we will be going to again I’m sure, and a big thanks to the staff at Santa Pod and the marshalls who keep this event running despite it being bitterly cold in the morning! If you want to get into drifting, or love watching or have an interest in motorsport photography then head to the Santa Pod or DWYB websites for all the essential information and booking details!

Pic Credits – Ollie Novell


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