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We’re only a few days into 2011 and already some news has landed in the Garage Awesome in-tray that’s got us a little more excited about the forthcoming year!

We have compiled 90% of the calendar of events for us to visit throughout 2011, but we are still hanging on for a couple of the competitive race series to release their final dates and venues.
Those who followed us through the back end of 2010 will remember that Time Attack is a strong favourite of ours and was the top of our list to try to cover each and every bit of action in 2011.

Now we have the dates and locations of the increased 7 rounds of the Championship, including a double header at Kent’s Brands Hatch Indy Circuit. The finale remains at Snetterton, but takes in their new 2011 track the “200” and new on the calendar for the competitors is a trip out into Wales as Anglesey makes its début appearance on the Time Attack hit list!
The other rounds are made up from last year’s favourites including an opener at Oulton park, a trip north to Scotland and Knockhill and the crowd favourite; Cadwell Park.

No news on the “Modified Live” supporting show as yet, although I’d be very surprised to find it not running following the success of last year’s Kleers backed events.
In the meantime we are going to bring you any extra team news, and hopefully get out there and feature some of the cars prior to them hitting the circuit.

Whip out your diaries, and make sure these dates are in it and click on for more information


For the second half of Garage Awesome’s coverage of the 5th and final round of the Time Attack series for 2010, we take a look at what was going on and who would claim victory in the various battles within the Club Challenge class.

The Club Challenge class is actually made up of 4 separate classes: 4 wheel drive, rear wheel drive, front wheel drive and a class for those cars without the luxury of a turbocharger or supercharger; the naturally aspirated up to a 3ltr engine class.

The action was split into 2 groups, as with 36 cars signed on to compete it would have been impossible for anyone to put in a quick lap time with so many cars on the circuit at once, so cars selected for group A would run first followed by group B, the times would then be put together giving you an overall Club Challenge class leader board.

Rob cowling wins rd5

After the warm up session, that leader board showed the Nissan Skyline of Walter Morris go quickest overall, Matt Webb’s Wankel powered RX7 was topping the RWD class whilst Romaine Levesque’s Honda CRX was out in front of the FWD runners. Another Honda, this time the Integra DC5 of Paul Hughes, lead the naturally aspirated class.

In the 4WD class, Morris continued to perform well, taking top spot in the practice session with the Subaru of round 4 winner Scott Robson hot on his heels! Warren Kelly’s Escort was running in third ahead of top female driver Fiona Kindness in her Skyline and the first time entrant Darren Robinson in the standard looking, but quick Porsche 996 Turbo.

As we get down to the nitty gritty of the round, qualification saw the immaculate Evo 7 of Rob Cowling claim the group A lead and another Evo, this time Simon Nutter, take the Group B qualification advantage. ahead of Nutter however you would find Kelly, Kindness and Robinson who all put in faster times from Group A than the Group B Winner.

ex BTCC Civic

As the final loomed, title challenger Scott Robson’s Engine had let go almost gifting his championship advantage to his rivals, and they made the most of it! It was again the storming Evo of Rob Cowling that took the round win, half a second ahead of Warren Kelly, a result that would see him overtake Robson in the overall standings. However, 3rd place was enough for the consistent Skyline of Fiona Kindness to take the overall championship win, with Robson’s engine failure demoting him to the 3rd step of the podium.

Phew, and that’s just the 4WD drive class! The rear wheel drive was a little more straight cut with the round win going to Matt Webb in the Mazda, Gordon Wright in the Skyline R33 found himself in the runner up spot, whilst Ford fans can celebrate after Ronnie Amis’s Sierra Cosworth claimed the 3rd podium place.

Overall, the 3 round podium takers also claimed the top 3 places overall, with Webb taking the title, Amis runner up and the bronze medal to Gordon Wright.

Championship winner!

The Front wheel drive class got exciting, with clear leader Bo Neilson’s championship looking safe, however a engine failure put that in major jeopardy, in fact Bo managed to borrow a friend’s Astra VXR with an almost standard engine and suspension to go and put in a time to claim those last vital championship points! But Bo need not have worried, his closest rival, the Mini of Dave Ward, could only manage second on the day and leaving him second overall, 3rd both on the day and overall was another Mini, this time that of Nigel Brown. Romaine Levesque’s CRX took the day’s top honours, certainly one to look out for next year!

Finally the N/A class, again it worked out nice and simply, similar to the rear wheel drive class with the 3 quickest drivers of the day, also taking the 3 championships places. Fastest at Snetterton was the Elise of Jeff Mileham followed by the rare, but very fast, Metro 6R4 of Mark Pollard and Daniel Gannon’s E36 M3 BMW, but with only 200ths of a second separating the 3 drivers, it really could have been anybody’s! Pollard was the man to take the championship, ahead of Gannon and Mileham respectively.

That concludes our coverage of the 2010 Time Attack series, it’s been fantastic and we endeavour to bring you coverage from all the rounds in 2011. A big thanks to all the drivers and the Modified Live team for putting on such a display and congratulations to all those who walked away with the silverware, but for many this isn’t the end… it’s the beginning of some interesting car builds and developments for the new season.

Pic Credits – Ollie Novell/Rich Cooper

It’s no secret that Time Attack has become a firm favourite of both us here at Garage Awesome, and those viewing the blog, with lots of hits on our last report from Cadwell Park from people wanting to check out the action, so it’s no surprise that we were there again to cover the season finale; Round 5 at Snetterton.

The 300 mile round trip to the Norfolk circuit was certainly worth it too, with a full day of action out on the track as well as a supporting show, of which we will bring you the action later this week, but for now we focus our efforts on the action from the top of the pile; the Pro and Club Pro class of the Time Attack Series.

For the Time Attack competitors, Snetterton is the last stop on the calendar after having 4 rounds previous at Oulton, Brands Hatch, Knockhill and Cadwell Park, and is the place where scores can be settled and titles won or lost. Compared to the tight, twisty sections that Cadwell Park has to offer, Snetterton is geared more in favour to the bigger power 4WD machines as it features a couple of nice flowing chicanes and a pair of fast straights, something the less powerful cars would find a major disadvantage.


As with most finals, they never fail to disappoint and the Pro Class final was no exception to this rule. With the Audi powered Lotus Exige of Steve Guglielmi and CarPlanet Racing’s Mitsubishi Evo, piloted by Gareth Lloyd, both taking 2 wins a piece so far, it all came down to the final round to determine who was king of Time Attack!

The warm up session saw Lloyd post the quickest time ahead of team mate James Nicholls in the distinctive luminous yellow Evo, with Guglielmi in 3rd. However, the practice session saw these 3 swap around with Guglielmi on top ahead of the two CPR drivers.

Qualification followed and saw Lloyd dip below 1 minute 10 for the first time of the day, Guglielmi finished second and a blinding performance from Gavin Renshaw saw him put his Lateral Performance Subaru Impreza up into third.

Championship Winners

The final, however, was edge of the seat stuff, with Lloyd literally following Guglielmi on track, eventually both drivers gunned it and amazingly the Lotus smashed Gareth Lloyd’s qualifying time by 0.7 of a second and looked set to take the win and the title… but hang on, what’s this? Literally 5 seconds behind Steve, came the thundering black and orange Evolution and set a Time Attack record with a 1:08.29 lap, just under a second faster than the Lotus and was more than enough for Gareth to take not only the round victory but claim the overall title too!

Third place on the day went to Gavin Renshaw but it wasn’t quite enough to stop James Nicholls from claiming the final podium spot in the season’s overall standings

The Club Pro Class was just as closely fought, with 2 sections to sort out; the 4WD and the RWD! In the 4WD class early sessions were dominated by Russ Paton’s Evo and the Skyline of Marcus Webster, but as the strain on their cars showed, it was the consistent performance from the Impreza of Paul Doyle that managed to shine through and take the win, followed by another Impreza, this time the Scooby Clinic backed Impreza of Kevin Horsley.

Kev Horsley's Subaru

Third place was taken by the Pink Evo of Simon Deaton, and although Webster managed to go out in the final, it appears the damage to his skyline was rather serious and failed to put in a flying lap! Early pace setter Russ Paton had already called it a day midway through qualifying. The overall Club Pro 4WD Champion was crowned; Kev Horsley with Doyle taking runner up honours and it was Simon Deaton’s second, third place trophy of the day.

The RWD class was a straight fight between 3 cars; the two Garage Whifbitz Supras of team owner Paul Whiffen and driver Steve Linton and the white Lotus Exige of Jamie Wilson. On the day it was the Toyota of Linton that claimed the win with Whiffen 3rd, sandwiching Jamie Wilson’s Lotus between the Toyotas. The overall standings saw Wilson escape the clutches of the Whifbitz boys and claim the title with Linton beating the team boss to claim second.

Pic Credits – Rich Cooper

So, we arrive here at our second instalment of Modified Live action. Yesterday we gave you the low down on what happened in the Pro and Club Pro classes of the Time Attack, today, we catch the action from the Club Challenge class!

Firstly, I suppose an introduction to Time Attack might be useful, especially for those who have never seen the event, or even understood exactly what happens! The format for Time Attack is fairly simple; purchase your car, modify it to make it as fast as possible round a variety of circuits within the UK, add in MSA specified safety features and a set of control tyres, pay your entry fee and get attacking!

Club Class Time Attack

Obviously there must be some rules and regulations and indeed there is. The Pro Class is the top tier of Time Attack where a full National B race licence must be held by the driver. The safety requirements are at the highest but the restrictions on tuning are left up to the individual team! Most of the cars in this class are owned or run by tuning companies, who are more than likely live-testing new products or setups that will eventually be passed down to the retail market given time.

The next rung down sees the Club Pro. This class is made up of those who have proven too fast for the Club Challenge and is the first rung where the National B licence is required and a few tuning restrictions are placed upon the cars.

Finally we come to the Club Challenge, often the largest category of the Time Attack event as it’s open to anyone! No particular make or model is favoured which allows us to watch some brilliant battles on the track from the likes of the Subaru Impreza and Mitsubishi Evo along with cars like the Fiat Coupe, Mini One, Ford Fiesta, ex BTCC Civics and classic Porsche 968’s! A lot of these cars were likely to have started out as weekend road cars, and occasional track day toys, so is ideal for those without the budget for a full-on race car or season!
The last part of the Club challenge is the various different classes. Within the class and it’s all down to the drivetrain setups and engine displacements. The 5 sub categories are as follows; front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, 4 wheel drive, N/A under 3000cc and N/A over 3000cc.

Metro 6R4

With all this variety, and the size of the entry list, it really does make the Club Challenge class the one to watch, and that’s exactly where we pick up the action!

The warm-up session early on was dominated by the flying, white E36 BMW M3 of Daniel Gannon, who managed to come in after the warm-up over a second and a half quicker than anyone else. Practice was the second chance for the drivers to go and lay down some times and battle for position and it was again Daniel who was quickest round the twisty Cadwell Circuit, this time, however, the Evo of James Moore, the Honda Integra of Paul Hughes and the Subaru of Scott Robson were breathing down his neck!

After lunch came the qualifying sessions; these were split into 4 Groups due to the sheer size of the field! First session was taken by the consistent Daniel Gannon, Group B was taken by overall qualifying quickest man Rob Cowling in his Evo 7. The 3rd group to go out saw the Escort Cosworth of Warren Kelly go fastest and joining them was group D winner Romaine Levesque in the old school Honda CRX.

Scott Robson

Then it came down to the final. This was again split, into 2 groups, however it was the first group out on the track that put the times down to take the 3 podium positions. 3rd place went to the quickest qualifier Rob Cowling in his Evo, just behind the ever consistent and impressive M3 of Daniel Gannon, but top honours went to the flying red Subaru Impreza of Scott Robson who put in a 1:39.694 lap beating Daniel by just 0.066 seconds!

Despite this series not involving the drivers technically “racing” against each other, it really is one of the most exciting and impressive forms of motorsport that’s gracing the UK at the moment; the sheer randomness of the cars, the experience of the tuners & drivers and the format itself makes Time Attack a winner, and Garage Awesome will be bringing you more on this fantastic series in the near future as we look towards October 10th and Snetterton for the final round.

Pic Credits – Rich Cooper/Ant Carroll

Over the next week or so Garage Awesome is going to be bringing you the best of the action from this Sunday’s Modified Live event at Cadwell Park in Lincolnshire. With various different interests and disciplines all being staged at the same venue, we didn’t think just one report would do any of them justice, so we’re going to break it down into a few manageable chunks for you, so you can see in depth what happened in each event!

The first post we have focuses on the pinnacle of the event, the Pro and Club Pro class of Time Attack. This series originated at the Tskuba circuit in Japan and has now been exported to the UK and US and is ever growing in popularity and numbers of both spectators and competitors.

Lotus Exige

Cadwell park is a brilliant track; consisting of long fast straights, sweeping bends, off camber sections, a tighter wooded section and even a jump, known as the Mountain! The Pro class had no trouble taking all this in their stride however, although a few of the cars that were really pushing it had some close calls, fortunately everyone kept out of Cadwell’s notoriously unforgiving walls and barriers.

The Modified Live series has really allowed Time Attack to develop, running alongside such a show has made the whole event much more mainstream and has given access to a championship that many would not have known or thought about before, and the planning that has been put into the event has allowed the drivers maximum track time as well as variety within a single event.

Lateral Performance Impreza

This was round 4 of the series and the crowds had flocked in to watch the seemingly endless sessions of the Time Attack championship.
The Pro and Club Pro class managed to get a 20 min warm up and practice session in before lunch, followed by splitting the field of 19 cars into 2 qualifying sessions before 16 cars battled it out in the last action of the day in the final!

With some incredible machinery on display it was always going to be a tight affair, one that was eventually won by the ever rapid, flame-throwing Lotus Exige of Steve Guglielmi with a fastest lap time of 1:31.903 and an average speed just a fraction under 86mph… round Cadwell… now that’s shifting!

Steve played it very clever and cool, doing just enough in all of the sessions before returning to the pit lane to keep an eye on others and go back out if his time was under threat, the closest man to threaten Steve’s blistering pace was seasoned Time Attack star Gareth Lloyd in his striking black and orange Mitsubishi Evo clocking a 1:32.255, just some 0.352 of a second off Guglielmi’s pace.

Lloyd's Evo

Rounding out the podium places was the hard-charging, yellow Subaru Impreza of Gavin Renshaw and Lateral Performance. During the first couple of runs in the morning the car had developed some problems, but the Lateral team overcame them to clinch the 3rd place, and even more impressive gaining some real crowd pleasing air-time over the Mountain!

The Club Pro was just as tight; with the Impreza of Paul Doyle taking the points from Evo 9 driver Lee Broadhurst. This result makes Paul a real contender for the Club Pro title when the event hits Snetterton circuit on the 10th of October.
As for the Pro’s, it’s down to the wire for Guglielmi and Lloyd to see who is going to be crowned overall Pro Class champion, and the King of Time Attack!

Are we going? You bet, and should you if you cant make it. Are Garage Awesome going to be the first with our reports and pictures for you to see? Of Course!

Keep your eyes peeled on Garage Awesome for the Club Challenge Class, The EDC and the Modified live show reports this week.

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Pic Credits – Rich Cooper / Ollie Novell