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Ollie & Team


It seems apt that our first event of the new year involves drifting, after all, the first 2 blog posts ever to appear on Garage Awesome back in the middle of last year, were both drift related, and has always been a firm favourite with the Team.

The venue and event we decided to head to was Santa Pod and the first “Drift What Ya Brung” day of the year. Santa Pod and the DWYB team have been a major player in the grass-roots level of UK drifting, providing both weekday and weekend sessions throughout the year for all drifters from the first time novice right through to the stars of the British Drift Championship and JDM Allstars events.

Santa Pod

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We’re only a few days into 2011 and already some news has landed in the Garage Awesome in-tray that’s got us a little more excited about the forthcoming year!

We have compiled 90% of the calendar of events for us to visit throughout 2011, but we are still hanging on for a couple of the competitive race series to release their final dates and venues.
Those who followed us through the back end of 2010 will remember that Time Attack is a strong favourite of ours and was the top of our list to try to cover each and every bit of action in 2011.

Now we have the dates and locations of the increased 7 rounds of the Championship, including a double header at Kent’s Brands Hatch Indy Circuit. The finale remains at Snetterton, but takes in their new 2011 track the “200” and new on the calendar for the competitors is a trip out into Wales as Anglesey makes its début appearance on the Time Attack hit list!
The other rounds are made up from last year’s favourites including an opener at Oulton park, a trip north to Scotland and Knockhill and the crowd favourite; Cadwell Park.

No news on the “Modified Live” supporting show as yet, although I’d be very surprised to find it not running following the success of last year’s Kleers backed events.
In the meantime we are going to bring you any extra team news, and hopefully get out there and feature some of the cars prior to them hitting the circuit.

Whip out your diaries, and make sure these dates are in it and click on www.TimeAttack.co.uk for more information

REVIEW: Garage Awesome’s 2010

Posted: December 31, 2010 in Reviews

It’s New Year’s Eve, which means it’s time to draw a line under all of our 2010 activity… and go get drunk. However, before we look forward into 2011 we thought it would be nice to showcase our adventures from 2010 all in one monster blog post!

Now to call it a review of 2010 is a little ambitious, since the Garage Awesome project was only dreamt up in mid July, so it’s more a review of our action throughout the past 5 months, in it we have included all the things we have been up to, some you might have missed and all with pictures that have not previously been on Garage Awesome, so for those who have read every last word and viewed all our pictures, there is something new for you lot too!

Our Project began by hitting the JDM Allstars event at out local track; Donnington Park and following it up with a second drifting event just a week later as we took in round 4 of The British Drift Championship, immediately confirming Garage Awesome’s interest in the art of sideways! The first static show we hit was the Jap Show held at the picturesque Thoresby Hall, and even allowed myself and Chris to show our own vehicles!


In between the drifting and Japanese show sandwich we launched ourselves onto the social networking scene via Facebook and Twitter and also using Flickr to host our snaps from a variety of different events, something we’re going to continue working on throughout 2011.

Feature cars were something we wanted to include and when Karl & Jay’s Volvo 340 appeared just days before heading around Europe we grabbed the opportunity with both hands and sent Coop out to take some snaps! Our second feature car came in the form of the fabulous Ford Fiesta ST of Matt Slinn, still one of our most popular posts and some nice shots despite us still very much learning the ropes.

August saw us head off to Cadwell Park to do what we do best; take pictures of moving race cars and in this particular instance it was round 4 of the Time Attack championship covering both Pro/Club Pro and Club classes.


Accompanying the Time Attack we managed to fight the crowds to take some pictures of the European Drift Championship and whilst the track action broke for lunch, I took the opportunity to take in the Kleers Show and Shine paddock and the club stands to find some of the best polished vehicles to blog about!

Continuing into August we had managed to develop the Garage Awesome logo as you see it now, and we had started to get some good hits and were receiving some nice feedback. Next thing to hit our pages in August was a massive two part special on one of the biggest modified car festivals in the world; USC at Santa Pod, incorporating Show and Shine, Run What Ya Brung and some of the action from the ESC drag series, oh and not to mention Santa Pod’s very own Fireforce Jet demo car!


Coop then headed off to Mallory Park where he managed to take some amazing quality pictures of the British Rallycross championship and managed to fill us in with all the action from this amazing form of motorsport!

Our first cruise also popped up in August, with cruising a staple part of any car enthusiast’s lifestyle, we certainly didn’t want to ignore it, and for our first covered event we ran a convoy down to Derby and took in the action from Streetrace’s After USC cruise.

With a slight gap in our action, I spent a few days planning and writing an article based on the UK scene’s obsession with importing cars over from Japan, which was well received, although most of the credit has to go to the owners of the stunning EP3 Civic Type R and DC5 Integra Type R; Rich Smith and Sallyanne Braddock, whose immaculate cars were shot despite a miserable day and having to send Coop way out of his comfort zone, and up in a forklift!


Our third feature car linked us nicely to the previous article, with local Skyline owner Ben Morton bringing us his sweet R33 GTS-T, again on a rainy day, to run a nice little feature on.

Next on the Garage Awesome agenda was a trip to Hull, not for the last time in 2010 either, our first call was to the annual Hull Motor Show, always a nice day out, accompanied by some great weather and a wide variety of clubs and cars from all over the North East of the UK.

One of the favourite events on the Garage Awesome calendar is that yearly visit to Silverstone circuit for Trax, a massive event that took up two parts in a similar vein to the USC report back in August. With track action and the masses of club cars to fill the memory cards, selecting the photos to use is always the toughest of jobs!


Whilst at Trax, the guys from our first covered event, the JDM Allstars, did their final battle of the year and we managed to get some great shots as they gracefully, and not so gracefully, drifted their way around the complex.

A bit of an annual tradition is for myself and Hayley, my other half, to go to the world’s biggest VW camper show in the Malvern hills for Vanfest! We love it here; we love campers, so I fought off the rest of the Garage Awesome team to bring you coverage from the 5 or so fields ram packed with classic and modern VW Campers.

News became an important part of Garage Awesome’s work, and we received some great information regarding the future of the Donny Show, and will hopefully bring you more on that when we can!

Without a doubt, our very personal favourite event that has happened in 2010 was the Britcar 24hr race, some amazing photos, amazing atmosphere and one of those things you just have to experience as a petrolhead, it really didn’t disappoint and it is the first event on our calendar for 2011!


Back on the Time Attack trail we headed off to Norfolk circuit; Snetterton to again cover the popular Modified Live action, with all the Time Attack classes covered and the final season’s results brought to you too! Kleers again ran their Show and Shine event and a good walk around the club stands provided us with enough material to cover both the on and off track action.

Then onto what I still believe was the biggest cruise ever done in the UK and Hull where Rich and Dean at Fast-N-Modded invited us over to cover their charity based “Hulloween” cruise, tough light conditions and over 1200 cars made it a very busy night, but with over a £1000 raised and a great night had by all we were so glad and fortunate to have been invited along to cover it!


Just a week later saw Chris and I trek to the capital city to another event, this time Stuart and his team at BritishMods invited us along to cover their night at the Ace café. Again, the light conditions were tricky, but we’re learning all the time and with a good bacon and egg sarnie inside us we covered the event with great success and enjoyed our trip down to the Ace!

Sadly, just a week later we found out the news of, and there is no other way to describe it but, the “Modifiers Bible”, Max Power was to end in the early part of 2011.

Whilst all this was going off, Coop had put his wellies and thermals on and was stood deep in the Welsh forest to capture the action from the 2010 GB leg of the WRC, with the best drivers in the world piloting these types of cars for the last time down the Welsh mountains, it made for some fab photography!

Following the demise of Max Power and the close of the show season, we rolled the clock back 5 years and dug out some old photos I had taken in 2005 and wrote an article on the changes within the scene, but it’s the cars that stole the show, with many bringing back fond, and sometimes terrible, memories in almost all who read it!


In the final part of 2010 the weather dominated the headlines, and it was the same with the events that we managed to attend, Coop again being the first to encounter the snow on the Roger Albert Clark Rally, which was quite an adventure!

With a gap in the weather, we went all Retro and brought you feature car number 4 in the shape of Chris Antcliffe’s Metro Clubman, another car that caused a bit of a stir upon its publish, with people suddenly realising that a Metro can become cool, and since then we have had a few others sent to us, so it might not be the last time Garage Awesome sees a Metro grace the blog!

With the snow back the final year’s activity was hosted by Nicola and the team from Kroozin North West and their Xmas cruise, a snowy trip up to Salford made for a fun packed and very entertaining evening indeed!


So, phew, that’s 5 months of Garage Awesome, an amazing launch 5 months and without a doubt a springboard to launch us all guns blazing into the 2011 calendar. It has been amazing and what started out as a small side project has turned into something the 3 of us take a great deal of pride in, and are constantly firing texts, emails and phone calls across to each other with fresh ideas and plans for 2011 so please keep tuned to Garage Awesome.

Also it wouldn’t have been as possible without the support from the people we have met and worked with, so a few “thank you”s; firstly the backbone of the scene; the clubs, especially Rich & Dean at Fast N modded, Stuart and Marie at Britishmods, Nicola and her team at Kroozin North West, Becca & team at UKCarCruises, Lofty and the gang at UK Modified Ridez and the teams at Maxxd, Streetrace and Kent Kruzin.

People already well established within this tough industry have also helped us out and we look forward to working with you all in the future, so thanks to Ben at LowLifeUK, Jason & Pippa at Auto-media, Donna & Jo at Santa Pod, the Donnington Park, Mallory and Silverstone Staff, Rob and Andy at Time Attack/Modified Live/Kleers, Kimi from JDM Allstars and all the guys at the BDC.

I’m sure we have missed some but you know who you all are so thank you and we’re so looking forward to a full year of Garage Awesome Coverage!


Pic Credits – Ollie Novell & Rich Cooper

NEWS: Merry. Christmas.

Posted: December 24, 2010 in News
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Its just 24hrs until the Fat Man arrives and fills our stockings with goodies, and hopefully the Garage Awesome team have all been good this year!

So whilst everyone is in a festive mood, from the 3 of us here we would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and we thought we would use all our creative skills on making a cheesy christmas card for you all!

Merry Christmas

OK, so it doesn’t feature the scene you would normally see on a christmas card, but one we have adapted from our coverage of the Roger Albert Clark rally we did earlier this month

So thank you for supporting Garage Awesome and have a fabulous xmas day and festive break

Ollie. Rich. & Chris.

Winter is most definitely cruising season and with the shows done it keeps the scene ticking over and people in touch; swapping ideas, thoughts and plans ready for next year and aside from that it gives a chance to find some hidden gems whilst the usual show cars are tucked away in garages and bodyshops!

Christmas cruises are pretty common in the UK scene, with 3 or 4 being drawn to our attention over the last few weeks, but the inclement weather had put pay to us visiting some in Kent and Wales, however when we learned that Nicola and her team over at KNW were planning one, we drew up plans to battle the weather come rain or shine (or even snow!) to bring you coverage from their event!

KNW Cruise

It seems we were far from alone, with convoys running from all over as far away as Milton Keynes, Stoke on Trent, Birmingham and our friends over at Fast ‘N’ Modded running one from the east coast, Hull! The 75 mile journey we made wasn’t quite as simple, as our route took in some of the highest roads in the Peak District, some that in weather that this country is currently seeing remain closed for large periods of time.

It was worth the trip though as the Kroozin North West team had been busy promoting on the forums and that was represented in the turnout. The location, just a stones throw away from Manchester’s Trafford Centre, was ideal with plenty of space and lighting and with the cruiser’s favourite; a McDonald’s on site.

Convoys steadily arrived from about 8pm and filled up 2 of the main car parks pretty quickly but a third car park was left, and we’re not sure if this was planned, but it didn’t take long for people to realise this, and along with the few inches of snow and ice and the -7*C temperature in Salford, meant that an improvised snow drift arena was formed.


A variety of BMWs, Evos, Subarus and 200SXs, an MX5, an Audi S3 and an S4 Avant all came out to play and put on a display that BBC’s Dancing on Ice would be proud of, and as usual the few close calls that did happen were met with cheers and “ooooohs” from the on-looking cruisers, definitely a great way of making use of this weather to keep people entertained!

Kroozin North West have been organising cruises for a good few years, and the experience Nicola and her team shone through, with an organised, trouble free location, a mass of convoys from all over the UK and their forum full of information, it certainly has the Garage Awesome seal of approval when it comes to putting on a top class event.


Aside from the “snow drifting”, lots of cars caught our eye on some of our various walks round, although unfortunately the trip in the salty, slushy roads had put pay to the cleanliness of some cars, the quality shone through. The black and cream themed Bora was tidy, the blue S14 proved it can look good and is used hard and the Morris Minor looked and sounded like something Mad Max would own!

Elsewhere we found a couple of tidy Mk2 Golfs, a spotless Astra VXR, a Honda Integra and some Renault Clios, a drift-ready purple S13 and a neatly airbrushed Vauxhall Corsa.

As the night drew to a close, the -7*C temperatures meant an early night for some, but it just goes to show that no matter what the weather, an event in the UK can work and run and still make for an enjoyable evening. Big thanks again to Nicola and the team at Kroozin North West and we suggest that you log on to their forums to keep abreast of the next event these guys plan, and with any luck, Garage Awesome will be there to cover it!

Pic Credits – Ollie Novell

Having the UK Show and Motorsport seasons effectively close down over winter is actually kind of handy as it allows us here at Garage Awesome to get out there and find some other cool stuff, including up to date news and some fresh feature cars for you to browse through in between your last minute Christmas eBay sessions!

And it’s eBay where the story of Chris Antcliffe’s Metro begins, now before I go any further, I know what you’re thinking… ‘Metro?’ Yup, I had the same quizzical look when I announced that we were off to shoot this car from both Chris and our often sceptical photographer; Coop, however, we made the trip to Newark to try to convince them both I’d not totally lost the plot!

Chris came across this rarely seen Metro whilst browsing through eBay, he saw the car, loved the colour, popped in his bid and a few hours later became the latest name on the logbook of this 1989 Metro.

Chris's Metro

However, the 20 years of life so far had taken its toll on the bodywork of the car, fortunately though, Chris is a dab hand with cars and especially bodywork, so he got stuck into replacing the ageing and rotten panels including both of the front wings and the driver’s door and re-sprayed them in the standard factory colour; Solar Yellow, all on his own back garden, top work Chris!

With the car structurally sorted, Chris turned his attention to making the car stand out, well, stand out more than a bright yellow Metro already does! He found a set of 12″ Revolution alloys, and finished them in gloss black, which we think suit the car perfectly. Wheels are the most important choice on any project and the Revolutions just work on this car, keeping that retro style but also slotting in with the modern trends that are occurring within the scene today!

Following the 2010 scene flavour, Chris got busy with the stickers too, with some cool and cheeky slogans scattered across both front and rear windows, “Scrapage Scheme Survivor” and “Rust is lighter than Carbon Fibre” being a couple of our favourites!

Metro Clubman

The exterior was almost sorted, but a bored 5 minutes at work saw Chris looking at the Metro and deciding it wasn’t sitting low enough, so out came the spanners. “I’ve no idea how much lower it is” says Chris when we asked him at the shoot, and that’s down to the Metro having funky Hyrdagas suspension, meaning all Chris did was let some of the pressure out of the shocks until he was happy with the height, and that’s that, one lowered Metro!

Having owned the Metro just over a year now, it’s fair to say Chris has made some real key changes to the appearance of the car, and ones that work well, but Chris spends most of his time inside the car so it would be a shame to leave that standard, and Chris agreed, throwing away the “granny” spec front seats and replacing them with a set of Recaro reclining seats straight out of a car of a similar vintage, the Ford Escort RS Turbo.

A Sparco harness keeps him held tight to the seat whilst battling with the funky multi-coloured steering wheel on those tricky B-road blasts. Under the bonnet you will find a 1275cc lump that powers the Metro, although talking to Chris the word “Turbo” was mentioned, so maybe an engine swap and upgrade is on the cards for the future?

Retro Car

As for the future, it may not be the last time we see Chris and his cars on here, he is hoping to take it to a few shows in 2011, and amazingly is also finding time to build a Hillman Imp too that may well appear on here once completed, not the usual garage line-up for a 19 year old!

So, there we have it, not your run of the mill feature car, but by the time we left our shoot location, everyone was convinced that Chris had definitely created something cool and different, something every modifier is striving to do, and speaking of location, Garage Awesome would like to thank AW Accident Repair Centre in Newark for allowing us to use their yard and even their paint oven for the shoot, thanks guys!

Finally, as this shoot goes live, it’s the owner, Chris’ birthday, so happy birthday Chris from us all here and a reminder to you all during this off season period; if you have a car that you would like a shoot done for, or think might be worthy of seeing on the pages of Garage Awesome, then please contact us and the best way is through our Facebook page, after all a slightly dark, mobile upload was what lead us to featuring this fine yellow, retro, Metro!

Pic Credits – Rich Cooper